Addison Gerhardt would do anything for his best friend Devin Velma. After all, it was Devin that rescued him when he accidently locked himself inside the snack cabinet in kindergarten. Devin has been saving Addison from embarrassing social situations ever since and since every social situation is paralzyingly  embarrassing to Addison, it’s almost a daily occurrence.

Devin wants to make a viral video.  What better way than the Double-Barreled Monkey Bar Backflip of Doom? That stunt almost gets both of them expelled and they didn’t even get it on camera. Devin has other ideas though and they’re all just as bad. Why is he so obsessed with instant fame? Could it have something to do with his dad’s medical bills? Devin’s next big idea ends up being the most dangerous of all and it almost ends their friendship.

This is author Jake Burt’s second MG novel. When not writing, he’s teaching fifth graders. It’s obvious in his stories that he “gets” preteens and their unique set of challenges and stresses. Even though the story is full of middle grade humor, Burt touches our hearts with this sweet tale of friendship and loyalty. Oops, I shouldn’t have used the word “sweet” because now boys won’t want to read it. It’s probably best if I don’t mention the scene that made me cry. You might be wondering about the title. I’m not telling. You’ll have to read the book.

I’m happy to recommend to readers ten and up, THE RIGHT HOOK OF DEVIN VELMA which releases on Oct. 2nd. Jake Burt is also the author of GREETINGS FROM WITNESS PROTECTION, another favorite of mine.


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