What makes writing irresistible to literary agents?

Dr. Sandra O’ Donnell, founding member of RO Literary and book coach spills secrets from the other side of the slush pile in Your First Fifteen Pages: An agent’s guide to writing a book agents will champion, editors will publish and readers will buy!

This is a straightforward guide to better querying, revising and just plain storytelling. It’s perfect for all writers. It’s even great for critique groups who want a do-it- yourself- craft course!

So what makes writing irresistible to literary agents? Don’t be fooled by the vague responses you often hear. There are specific things agents look for in the first fifteen pages! O’Donnell shows how many popular books including Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone and The Hunger Games include these elements. She then provides helpful resources and practical exercises for writers to do to help master the concepts.

The truth is agents want to say yes.

As O’Donnell puts it: I want to see your book on the shelves of a bookstore. I believe one of the obstacles between writing and publishing is making your submission so good agents and editors beg for more. That is why I wrote this book.

Finally there’s a book that can be used at all stages of your project. It is a must read.

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