Eleven-year old Van might miss a word or two. He wears large hearings aides. He never misses seeing small things. He likes to collect them as treasure. When he notices a girl and a squirrel going after a coin tossed into a fountain by a wisher and follows them, he stumbles upon a secret society that collects wishes. Wishes contain powerful magic it seems. It’s the kind of magic that unusual creatures need to survive. When they consume it unpredictable things happen. The Collectors have taken it upon themselves to protect the world from all magic and starve the creatures. Not everyone agrees with them. They argue the creatures have just as much right to live as anyone. Van is caught in the middle of the two sides and must decide what is right and what is wrong.

Jacqueline West, the author of the New York Times–bestselling Books of Elsewhere has created a middle grade classic about friendship, magic, and the gray area between right and wrong. It is a must read.

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