Author Gregory Funaro has an talent for creating worlds that combine supernatural with just the right amount of weird and creepy. His NY Times best selling Alistair Grim series set the bar high, but in his upcoming release, WATCH HALLOW (February 2019), he swings for the fences once again.

Funaro does a great job in developing his characters from the onset of the book. The two main characters, Lucy and Oliver Tinker, are just different enough that young readers will easily identify with one of them. As for me, from the first pages, I knew I was going to like Lucy. She has the right amount of mischievousness and wonder that makes her perfect for the magical world they find themselves a part of.

The story is both creepy and fantastical, making it a page turner. The thrilling and perilous adventure featuring an evil monster and a host of magical wooden clock animals. As they join forces with the magical creatures to face off against the evil, Oliver and Lucy must overcome their fear if they are going to survive Watch Hallow.

This is a must read for those who enjoy creepy tales and have a chunk of time to read because this book is a tough one to put down.

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