Harry Potter meet Indiana Jones in this delightfully creepy story about a boy, his grandfather and some truly monstrous robots.

Alex’s life gets turned upside down when his grandfather sends him an old toy robot and the note, “This one is special.”  He has no idea the robot hides a deadly secret. Soon he and his grandfather are running for their lives across snowy Europe. The people after the robot are unusually cunning and will stop at nothing to get it.  Alex must trust his instincts to escape attack after attack and uncover the real reason the robot was sent to him.

With a mysterious premise, plenty of action and a main character you can root for, Monstrous Devices is the beginning of a fantastic new series. It has the perfect blend of history, magic and action. It is a must read (or listen). I especially recommend the audio version with excellent narration by Alan Corduner.

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