Author Illustrator Marcus Emerson is at it again with the second installment in the Super Life of Ben Braver series – BEN BRAVER AND THE INCREDIBLE EXPLODING KID. We will bring you a review in the coming weeks, so in the meantime, order a copy of both for you and your MG reader!

About the Book: The Super Life of Ben Braver: The Incredible Exploding Kid is jam-packed with art and comic strips. It’s another wacky adventure from Marcus Emerson, the author behind the hit Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja series!

“A crazy fun ride―action packed and loaded with laughs!” ―Max Brallier, The Last Kids on Earth

Even though Ben Braver saved Kepler Academy from total destruction last year, he knows he still doesn’t fit in at his secret middle school for kids with special abilities. Ben’s been hiding his lack of super skills, but it’s getting harder as his classmates’ powers are getting stronger.

Will Ben be able to power up before his enemies at school take him down? And will he risk everything to become the ultimate superhero?

About the Author: Marcus Emerson is the author of the hit Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja series, the Secret Agent 6th Grader series, and the Recess Warriors series. He lives in Eldridge, Iowa, with his wife and children.

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