There are flying horses need I say more?

Over the Moon is another richly imagined Natalie Lloyd tale full of heart and magic. It reminds us that the future is not set. It is what you make of it. Twelve year-old Mallie lives in the town of Coal Top where the wealthy live in mansions and the rest work in the mine or slave as maids. It wasn’t always this way. There are stories of flying horses and those who could weave magic into cloth. When men come to take Mallie’s little brother to work in the mine to pay off their family’s debts Mallie is desperate to come up with a plan to save him. She poses as a boy to enter a contest where riders will collect gold dust from the mountains. This is complicated by the fact she only has one arm. Nothing slows Mallie down however. Soon she is riding a winged horse and with the help of her friend Adam uncovers the real reason the town is covered with dust. There is a way to change things and bring the magic of old back. Rich lyrical writing makes this story a wonderful read-out loud. The powerful message of hope makes it a must read. It is highly recommended.

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