Just in time for the Halloween season comes a ghostly new novel from J.A. White called Shadow School #1: Archimancy. It’s a wonderfully spooky book for middle grade readers that won’t get them checking under their beds at night.

Cordelia started a new school in an old house where no one is allowed in after dark. She soon realizes that ghosts are walking the halls and haunting the classrooms, but only her and a reluctant, new friend Benji can see them. Cordelia convinces Benji they need to get rid of these scarey ghosts if they are going to survive Shadow School.

They team up with a very intelligent girl named, Agnes. The three of them discover they can help the ghosts move on to their next life. But, evil spirits are trying to keep the ghosts from leaving. It’s a dangerous mission and the kids aren’t sure if the adults are in on it.

Friendships are strained and Cordelia develops a special connection with a two-year-old ghost and they form a touching bond.

Shadow School is just the right mix of spooky, mystery and friendship, The story and characters capture the reader’s interest and the suspense keeps them reading all the way through.

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