Review by Sherry Ellis

When ten-year-old Marin moves from Illinois to Pennsylvania, she’s sad. Friends are left behind, damaged friendships remain broken, and there is uncertainty with what the future holds. As she explores her new home, she discovers a house behind hers. A house that seems to be the center of activity where the teenagers are happy. But then the teenagers disappear. Are they ghosts from a tragedy that occurred twenty years in the past, or are they a glimpse into the future? Marin and her new friend, Charley aim to find out.

Remarkables is a complex story of hope. The main plot is the discovery of who the Remarkables are, but there are many other issues involved – the challenges of moving, dealing with bullies, friend relationships, and struggling with addictions in a family. Even though these topics are dark, ultimately, the story offers hope that things can and will get better.

The story is well-written and intriguing with topics that are relate-able to many middle-grade readers.

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