There are two types of kids, ones who have a dog and ones who ask for a dog sometime in their life. This is the reason dog books are a popular category in children’s literature. What makes books stand out from the rest in this category is the author’s ability to tell a story that connects with the reader on a truly emotional level.

Jennifer Li Shotz, author of Max and Scout, delivers once again in her new series American Dog. She has released the first two installments, Poppy and Brave, and they will be book fair favorites for sure.

In Poppy, Hannah moves with her family from Michigan to California, her parents are busy with their jobs, and it is tough to make new friends when you don’t surf (and have a birthmark on your face). Enter Poppy, a pit-bull puppy, that is filled with energy and in need of training. The story of understanding and acceptance is both fun and touching.

In Brave,  Dylan finds a stray who is hungry and afraid after a hurricane his San Antonio, Texas. The boy, who is also feeling lost, and the dog, who he names Brave, form a strong bond. Through training and a growing trust in each other, it becomes harder to see who rescued who.

Both books in the American Dog series will capture your heart and make you want to hug your furry companions a little tighter. These are must grabs for any kid’s summer reading list.

In addition, there is a note on the back of the book stating that the publisher has made a donation to the ASPCA to support their work. As a parent of an animal loving child, it was a great opportunity to talk about the work the organization does.