National Book Award nominee Lisa Graff presents a book about family secrets that is full of heart.

CJ tours the country with her Aunt Nic who can speak to the dead. She looks forward to the times when her Aunt lets her speak to her mother who died in childbirth. When her Aunt announces she won’t be able to do this anymore because CJ’s mother is going to the Far Away, CJ comes up with a plan to keep her mother close. She sets off on a road trip with her new friend Jax to find a “tether” that will keep her mother’s spirit on Earth. When she uncovers a secret that turns her life upside down, she learns the real power to keep those we love close is not in things, it’s in people.

This is a powerful story of finding inner strength when the world disappoints.

About The Author

Lisa Graff ( is the critically acclaimed and award-winning author of Far Away, The Great Treehouse War, A Clatter of Jars, Lost in the Sun, Absolutely Almost, A Tangle of Knots, Double Dog Dare and many other works.

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