Monsterstreet #4: Camp of No Return by J.H. Reynolds

Welcome to the fourth installment of the series R.L. Stine calls “Fast, Funny and Frightening.”

It’s the week after the Fourth of July but it feels more like Halloween. Harper is thrilled to be going to the prestigious Camp Moon Lake where she can leave her parents’ looming divorce behind. With its outdoor movie theater, water park and chocolate buffet it doesn’t disappoint. But then campers start to disappear. Harper is determined to solve the mystery. She discovers a shocking secret that threatens more than the camp. No spoilers here. Kids will gobble this one up. With great characters, perfect pacing and an ending no one will see coming, this is a must read. Now available in print and audio from HarperCollins.


About The Author

You can find J. H. Reynolds the author of the Monsterstreet series at

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