For twelve-year-old JJ, an invitation to a free weekend at the famously haunted Barclay Hotel is the best thing that could happen to a ghost hunter, which he is. He pulls the guilt card on his workaholic CEO mom and she agrees to take the weekend off and go. When they arrive, they meet the other guests: a cowboy, an actress, a librarian, and a detective with his granddaughter, Penny.

Once all the guests have arrived, the very odd-acting butler makes a shocking announcement. Mr. Barclay was murdered and one of the five guests is the killer. JJ thought he was in for a weekend of ghost hunting. He had no idea that he would be hunting a killer instead. But he has to find out who did it to prove that his mom is innocent. He teams up with Penny and Ella, the chef’s niece who lives at the hotel, to solve the crime and, hopefully, find a ghost.

This super fun mystery has all the elements of a classic whodunit plus ghosts. More puzzling than spooky, readers can follow the clues along with JJ, Penny, and Ella to find the guilty party. A perfect story for reluctant readers because the pacing and structure of the story will keep them turning the page and they will relate to JJ’s struggles with reading.

Bradley’s special blend of red herrings, puzzles, and surprise plot-twists will be sure to inspire a new generation of Agatha Christie fans. Recommended for ages eight to twelve, but precocious seven-year-olds would probably enjoy it too.


Available August 25th or you can: PRE-ORDER HERE

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