In Bubba and Squirt’s Big Dig to China, Bubba and his big sister Squirt, fell through a hole near the old sycamore tree and landed in Xian, China surrounded by Terracotta Warriors. After they come back from China, Bubba has a dream that his Great- Great-Grandpa Jacob, a magician, told him to go through the vortex again. Squirt doesn’t like this idea at all. She worries they might not be able to figure out how to get home this time. But Bubba finally convinces Squirt to jump into the hole again for another adventure.

They land in a jungle in Belize at an archeology dig in Altun Ha, the site of Mayan ruins. They meet Esperanza, a girl whose father is in charge of the archeology excavation. Esperanza and her father need help to catch the thief who is stealing valuable artifacts from the dig. Local folklore comes to life when Tate Duende, the jungle protector, and a sneaky Alux get involved.

This fun, exciting mystery incorporates Mayan culture and folklore in a magical way. If young readers are fascinated with Leprechauns, they would be thrilled to read about Tate Duende. The pacing of the story will keep readers turning the pages, even the reluctant ones.

The final pages include a glossary of the Spanish words used in the story, a map of Belize, recipes, and more information about the Mayan civilization.  This chapter book is perfect for young readers who like the Magic Treehouse series and would make an excellent addition to a classroom library.