When Oleg and Emma invent a classmate to trick their substitute teacher and he shows up real, they turn magical forces upside down with hilarious consequences.

Oleg and Emma aren’t happy. Emma’s mother is always at work and Oleg’s father won’t move off the couch since he lost his job. They miss their best friend who has moved away and worry about being separated when they change schools next year. They decide to have a little fun and invent a classmate named Sebastian to trick their substitute teacher. They never expect him to turn up real. He’s impossible along with his tiny spaceship and bag of surprises. But it’s almost Christmas and a mysterious asteroid is passing by Earth, anything can happen. When masked people come for Sebastian it’s up to Oleg and Emma to keep him safe with a little help from their friends.

With its honest portrayal of struggling families, humor and wisdom, this is a must-read.


About The Author

Ben Brooks is a best-selling British author of many books for adults and children including Stories For Boys Who Dare to Be DifferentStories For Boys Who Dare to be Different 2Stories For Kids Who Dare to be Different and The Impossible Boy.

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