This is the first book in an exciting new series where twelve-year-old Kingston must brave a magical realm to save his father.

Kington has never gotten over the loss of his father. He is the magician known as Preston the Great who disappeared into a mirror, during a duel at Brooklyn’s Mercury Theater. When Kingston and his mother return to close their family’s magic shop, he can’t resist visiting the now closed theater with his cousin Veronica and friend Too Tall. There he finds a mysterious carved wooden box called a Lost and Found and accidentally opens a portal into another realm where his father is trapped.

With perfect pacing, engaging characters, and homage to the rich history of Black magicians, this is a must read.

Praise for Kingston and the Magician’s Lost and Found

Intricately crafted twists at every turn keep the determined crew on their toes. The action is well paced, giving readers time to savor the myriad colorful characters who interact with the clue chasers. . . An enjoyable addition to most middle school mystery collections.” —School Library Journal

“Coded messages, characters who plainly know more than they’re saying, dopplegangers, and secret schemes…all come together in a…breathlessly paced tale…should leave readers even more delighted that the stage is set for sequels.” —Booklist



About The Author

Rucker Moses is the pen name of Craig S. Phillips and Harold Hayes Jr. Together, they’ve been nominated for three Emmys for writing in a children’s program and have written for TV shows based on books by R. L. Stine and Christopher Pike. They also make virtual reality experiences and own a production company named SunnyBoy Entertainment.

Theo Gangi is a novelist and writing teacher based in Brooklyn. He’s written several acclaimed novels and short stories, and he’s worked on shows for Netflix. He directs the MFA program at St. Francis College and lives with his wife, young son, and their dog. Kingston and the Magician’s Lost and Found is his first book for young readers.

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