About the Book: Perfect for fans of Stranger Things and The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl, this exciting second book in the Maggie and Nate Mystery series follows the friends to Yellowstone National Park where they must track down a deadly creature amidst a series of natural disasters.

Having rescued her town from zombifying mutant mushrooms, eleven-year-old Magnolia Stone is ready for her next adventure! Maggie and her best friend, Nate, head to Yellowstone National Park to visit Maggie’s park ranger dad. But when the kids bump into a rogue Komodo dragon, a dangerous predator that shouldn’t even be in the park, and a major earthquake leaves Maggie and Nate stranded, they set off to figure out what’s going on and to reunite Maggie’s family once again.

While Maggie comes up with scientific solutions as they battle earthquakes, landslides, wolves, and other unusual creatures, Nate focuses on conspiracy theories and getting stellar footage for his YouTube channel. But only by combining their skills will they have any hope of saving Yellowstone or each other.

“A humorous, genre-blurring survival story.” – KIRKUS REVIEWS

About the Author: Summer’s always been a daydreamer and still remembers sitting in her second-grade classroom, imagining she was a My Little Pony who could fly out the window to fantasy worlds filled with make-believe friends. As she got older, her daydreams grew up but they didn’t vanish. She’d tell herself all sorts of stories with a cast of ever-changing characters. In college, she majored in Journalism and worked as a writer in a variety of roles. That experience helped her learn the nuts and bolts of writing, but her favorite part of storytelling is still the imagining. Sprouting wings and flying to worlds unknown.