Happy Book Birthday to The Mermaid Queen, the fourth book in the Witches of Orkney series by Alane Adams.

With the backdrop of Norse Mythology, returning characters, Abigail and Hugo, encounter more trouble at the Tarkana Witch Academy. Abigail has just helped restore peace in Orkney when she learns that Capricorn, the mermaid queen, has released the Midgard Serpent named Jormungand (love that name) from its underwater prison and is using its powers to threaten Odin to elevate her to the goddess of the seas—or else. But when Abigail finds that her powers are not enough, she has to tap into her dark magic again and again. As she is drawn further down this path, a dark presence makes itself known to her—one that may alter her path forever

Both fantasy and mythology are popular genres for kids and this series is perfect for young readers who are too old for chapter books but too young for long, epic fantasies.

Author, Alane Adams, weaves a story that is entertaining, yet careful not to leave the reader behind. Wonderful illustrations emphasize key moments throughout the book and the action keeps readers turning pages. Each book is just over 200 pages and recommended for readers age 7-12.

This is exactly the type of story I loved as a kid with brave characters on a quest to fight evil.