Set in the days of horse-and-buggies, Troubled Girls of Dragomir Academy by Anne Ursu is a fantasy about a group of girls who have been labeled “troubled” by the powerful sorcerers of Illyria. They are sent away to the Dragomir Academy to learn how to be proper ladies and who might one day serve in an estate of a sorcerer. That is the best they can hope for.

But Marya Lupu begins to discover a strange history at the school along with secret messages hidden in the tapestries. There is much more to discover about witches and magic and the threat of an invasion from the Dread. Marya is determined to get to the truth, but at the same time, she questions herself because she’s been told she’s troubled so many times she’s starting to believe it. She manages enough self-confidence to question that judgment and challenge the status quo.

Although the girls come from different backgrounds, they have a common problem and ultimately a common villain which helps them bond and fight together for justice. It’s girl power at its best!