Twitter has a large writing community, but A). Not every author is on the platform, and B.) Those of us who are are, are busy trying to write! If one of those two describes you, it stands to reason that you might have missed these tweets from agents looking specifically for middle-grade books. Never fear, the MOJO crew is here to help!

Masha Gunic @masha_gunic
Twitter bio: Associate Agent at the Azantian Literary Agency / Books are life / Always trying to learn / Looking for new ideas, perspectives, and experiences

Hannah VanVels Ausbury  @hannahvanvels
Twitter Bio: Literary Agent @belcastr
| Editor | Writer | #RevPit | Devoted German shepherd & cat mom | She/her | QueryMe.Online/HannahVanVels.


Ramona Pina @PinaRamona
Twitter Bio: She/Her Book Hoarder host @podcasthollow DIY enthusiast Writer Literary Agent @bookendslit
If one of these “wish list” books sounds like yours, reach out to them. Just be sure to do your research on what they want – number of pages, detailed synopsis, etc.
Good luck!