Congratulations on the launch of the middle grade graphic novel, Wingbearer. The author, Marjorie Liu, is a best-selling novelist and comic book writer known for her work at Marvel, including Black Widow, Han Solo, Astonishing X-Men, and more. The story stars a female protagonist of color who finds strength in fighting for her friends and doing what’s right. The artwork brings the story to life with amazing depth and color worthy of framing.

Zuli is a big-hearted heroine that the reader will fall in the love with and root for throughout the story. With stunning visuals by Teny Aida Issakhanian, this story is one you’ll want to read over and over again.

Zuli has only ever known the safety of the branches of the Great Tree, surrounded by the mystical bird spirits who have raised and loved her. She’s never even had the chance to spread her wings and feel just how extraordinary she is . . . until now, when she has no other choice. A dark evil is threatening the life-giving magic of the tree that has protected her for so long, and it’s up to Zuli to stop it. Zuli and her guardian owl Frlowly embark on an adventure filled with new friends, an ancient dragon, a so-called Witch Queen, and self-discovery.

But be prepared to wait for the second book. The ending seems to be just the beginning of Zuli’s adventure.