A book trailer is an engaging marketing tool that brings your book to life in a unique visual experience. It’s basically a 30-90 second video that explains the narrative arc of your story.

Why have one?

First, video is a popular way of marketing. People like quick entertainment and information. Video provides both.

Second, they are easy to share. They can be shared from YouTube across multiple social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. When people share your video, you are reaching an exponentially larger audience than your own social circles.

Third, it looks professional and helps establish you as a serious author.


To get the most of your video, be sure to place it on your website, your book’s Amazon sale page, social media pages, in your email signature, and on literary websites.

Whether you have one professionally made or make it yourself, here are some steps for creating one:

  • Storyboard your trailer. Pick out the key points that give the reader a good picture of what your story is about. The marketing copy on the back of your book cover can help you do this.
  • Use high-quality graphics and music and make sure they relate to your book.
  • If you have positive reviews, include those.
  • Include a call to action and where to purchase your books.

Book trailers are an investment of time and money, but when done well, they can be an effective marketing tactic.


Looking for inspiration?  Check out these examples:

Buy the Book

Buy the Book