August brings 3 highly anticipated new books in a series: the Narnia-indigenous inspired fantasy The Stone Child, the spooky horror story about writing horror stories Gravebooks and the book described as Artemis Fowl meets Men in Black, Amari and the Great Game.



  • The Stone Child by David A. Robertson (August 2)
    The Misewa Saga is the third book of the series. With a little help from friends old and new, Morgan must face attacks from strange and horrifying creatures to save Eli.
  • Gravebooks by J.A. White (August 16)
    This is the sequel to Nightbooks. When the witch who held Alex captive for scary stories enters his dreams, he discovers he’s trapped in a nightmare- literally, and must write a scary story each night.
  • Amari and the Great Game by B.B. Alston (August 30)
    This is the highly anticipated sequel to the bestselling Amari and the Night Brothers. When Amari does not become leader of the League of Magicians, a competition called the Great Game begins. Who will be the Night Brothers’ successor?