Congratulations to Fleur Bradley on the release of her latest middle grade novel, Daybreak on Raven Island, a wonderfully spooky book that is accessible to younger readers.

Three seventh-grade students, Tori, Marvin, and Noah, are on a school field trip to a long abandoned prison island (inspired by Alcatraz). They’re the first class to be allowed to tour the facility so you’d think they would be excited, but they have other things on their minds. Tori would rather be on the soccer field; Marvin would rather be at the first day of a film festival; and shy Noah isn’t looking forward to having to make small talk with his classmates at this new school. These three unlikely friends are assigned to be buddies on the trip. Tempted by stories of cursed cells and unsolved prisoner deaths the three go exploring on their own and the suspense builds from there. They have to use their different skills and insights to work together and solve a deadly mystery while surviving a night on the island.

All the characters are rich and authentic. Kids will want to keep turning  pages on this literary field trip that’s the right amount of spooky. It’s also a fun teacher read-aloud.

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