Today is the launch of a wonderful middle grade book set in Atlantic City in the 1970s. The Prince of Steel Pier by Stacy Nockowitz is a suspenseful and inspirational story with rich characters that jump off the page. Joey is a skeet ball wiz and during a trip to the boardwalk, he gets the attention of a dangerous mobster, Artie Bishop, known as the King of Steel Pier. Joey comes from a large Jewish family with three brothers. He’s not often taken seriously and feels lost in the chaos at home and at his grandparent’s hotel. After receiving some praise from Artie and his goons, Joey feels appreciated. But these feelings are misguided as he’s manipulated into helping Artie with some questionable “favors.” He begins to lose sight of who he really is. When Joey’s actions put his family in danger, he must rethink his priorities and dig deep to find the strength he’s been looking for all along.

The story clearly and seamlessly shows how a kid, who feels a little undervalued, can be influenced by the wrong people and all he has to do to get his honesty back.


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