No one puts the fun in non-fiction like Kim Zachman! Her NEW release, There’s No Cream in Cream Soda, explores the fun, facts, and stories of the origins of some of America’s most popular beverages.

From soda to water to milk and juice, curious kids will get answers to questions like, what kind of root is in root beer, and who put the pink in pink lemonade? This STEM book explores the inventions, innovations, and scientific discoveries of our tastiest beverages. Kim highlights the most fascinating stories, and the illustrations add to the fun.

Teachers and parents will love the beverage history intertwined with cultural changes, such as the enormous effects of the Prohibition period on America’s fascination with soft drinks. Also included are experiments and easy-to-follow recipes.

This follow-up to Kim’s first book, There’s No Ham in Hamburger, also received rave reviews.

A lively history of popular alternatives to plain tap water. A sugary spill of facts, fads, and popular fancies.”
Kirkus Reviews


Congrats to Kim Zachman on another wonderful non-fiction book for kids!

About the author: When Kim was a kid, she pestered her parents with endless questions. She still asks a lot of questions. Now, when she finds fun, fascinating answers, she writes books about them. A mother of two, Kim lives in Roswell, Georgia with her husband and their almost perfect dog.


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