Join Mojo in welcoming these exciting middle grade releases.

The Improbable Tales of Baskerville Hall Book 1 by Ali Standish (September 12, 2023)

When young Arthur Conan Doyle is a student at Baskerville Hall, a secret school for extraordinarily gifted children, he must solve a mystery involving unexplained explosions and extinct birds.

Beneath The Swirling Sky: The Restorationists by Carolyn Leiloglou (September 12, 2023)

When Vincent and his sister Lili spend Spring Break with their art conservator great-uncle, Vincent is determined to have nothing to do with art, until Lili disappears into one of the world’s most famous paintings. He discovers their family is the last of The Restorationists, a secret society with the power to travel through paintings. He must team up with his know-it-all cousin to find Lili.

The Odds by Lindsay Puckett (September 19, 2023)

Begonia is happy living in a haunted retirement home where everyone is a little odd except for her. But days before her 11th birthday, Swamp Root Manor is about to go out of business. She joins forces with the most annoying boy in the world to save the only home she’s ever known.