Join Mojo in welcoming these exciting new November middle grade releases.

15 Secrets to Survival by Natalie D. Richards (November 7, 2023).

A fast-paced adventure. When classmates break a school rule, they must complete an extra credit project in the wilderness. They quickly discover survival means depending on each other.

The Sky Over Rebecca by Matthew Fox (November 14, 2023).

Lyrical and thought provoking. When mysterious footprints appear in the snow, Kara investigates and discovers Rebecca and Samuel who are refugees from another time-World War II. Trapped in a time loop, they must make it to a British plane to make it out alive. Can Kara help them find their way home?

The Good Luck Book by Heather Alexander (November 21, 2023).

Fun and informative. For anyone who has ever wondered how superstitions get started comes this delightful book full of fun facts. Read about black cats, four leaf clovers, lucky numbers, and more!