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Mo Reading: The Secret Notebook by D. A. D’Aurelio

Middle Grade Mojo is proud to announce the release of the debut novel of Mojo member, Debbie D'Aurelio! We're super proud of her and we love this book! The first place 12-year-old Riley Green goes when she arrives at her school is to the STEM lab to show her favorite teacher her invention for the Invention Convention. But when her teacher opens the door to the classroom, Riley forgets all about her invention. The classroom [...]

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Dung for Dinner by Christine Virnig

Happy Book Birthday to Christine Virnig and her book Dung for Dinner. During World War II, the German soldiers stationed in North Africa were getting deathly sick with dysentery. They noticed that the local Bedouins seemed to get over it quickly. After careful observation, they learned that the Bedouins cured this debilitating intestinal infection—by eating warm, fresh camel poop. You will find this and countless other gross, disgusting, disturbing examples of how people have used poop [...]

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An Interview with Author Christine Virnig

MGM is excited about a new humorous non-fiction book Dung for Dinner that is coming on July 21, 2020. We asked Christine Virnig about her inspiration for this tasteless topic and for her favorite poop jokes. Middle Grade Mojo: You’re a pediatric allergist (physician specializing in allergies and asthma in children). That seems like it would be a full-time career. What inspired you to become a children’s book author as well? Christine Virnig: I’ve actually [...]

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Mo-Tivational Monday

It sounds so simple, but writers know how difficult it is to describe new settings and characters in a way that readers feel instantly comfortable with them. And finding new perspectives to familiar scenes and people so that it's fresh and exciting  is hard too. There's a reason Samuel Johnson uses the word "powers". Good luck exercising your author super powers this week.    

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Mo Happening: Super Puzzletastic Roundtable

On Friday, May 29th at 4:00 p.m. EDT, you can watch a Facebook live roundtable discussion hosted by Nora McFarland and Chris Grabenstein with guest authors Lauren Magaziner and Lamar Giles as they discuss Super Puzzletastic Mysteries: Short Stories for Young Sleuths from Mystery Writers of America. The authors will be discussing their methods for writing mysteries and what they enjoy about writing for middle grade readers. These twenty short mysteries are sure to test [...]

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Rainbow Revolutionaries by Sarah Prager

Alan L. Hart (1890-1962) was a leader in the field of medicine. He pioneered the use of the new x-ray technology to diagnose tuberculosis which was the number cause of death at the beginning of the 20th century. His innovative test meant tuberculosis could be diagnosed early enough to save patients’ lives. The death rate dropped dramatically after his method became standard. Alan was also the first person in the United States to have gender [...]

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Mo-tivational Monday

Emile Coué (1857-1926) worked as a pharmacist in France between 1882 and 1910. He noticed that his patients had much better outcomes when he convinced them that the medicines would work. We now call this the placebo effect. Coué began to study how the power of positive thinking helped cure illness. Coué believed that the mind couldn’t hold two opposing thoughts at the same time. He taught his patients to repeat positive affirmations several times [...]

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One Last Shot by John David Anderson

Twelve-year-old Malcolm Greeley is never lonely when he’s alone. He has a cast of characters sharing space in his brain. Creative, imaginative, smart, and painfully shy, Malcolm’s interior life is where he feels safe, unlike his attempts at sports. After three years of trying to play baseball, it’s apparent that Malcolm did NOT inherit his father’s athletic ability. He knows that his father is disappointed in him and wonders if that is one reason his [...]

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