Agent Query: Ten Questions with Stacey Graham of Red Sofa Literary

Guest Post by: Dana Edwards Thank you, Middle Grade Mafia, for allowing me to guest blog today! I’m thrilled to interview my agent, Stacey Graham. Stacey’s an agent at Red Sofa Literary and a published author. She’s also a ghostwriter, screenwriter, and a freelance editor! She’s super busy, but she made some time for us today. So sit back on your comfy couch, rocker recliner, or aluminum lawn chair and check out some of Stacey’s musings on [...]

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The Agent Query: An Interview with Tracey Adams of Adams Literary

Recently, I was lucky enough to listen to literary agent Tracey Adams speak at a conference. She was insightful, honest, and was very good at what she does. I had to find out more about her and Adams Literary. I admit that I did a little happy dance when she agreed to be interviewed on the site. I bring to you the amazing Tracey Adams... Middle Grade Mafia How did you get started in the [...]

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Agent Interview: Insights into MG with Essie White

Today is a special treat to speak with literary agent, Essie White. Essie started Storm Literary Agency as an extension of what she loves most: Children and Literature. I asked her about writing for middle grade and what advice she can offer writers. MGM: For writers of middle grade, how do they know their manuscript is complete and ready to submit to agents? Essie White: Personally, I do not know if a manuscript is ever complete! I [...]

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Agent Query: 8 Questions with Karen Grencik of Red Fox Literary

We’ve all experienced the sting of rejection. Guess what. Agents get rejected too. Sometimes they sell the manuscript and get a six figure deal for their client and sometimes they don’t. At the Southern Breeze SCBWI conference in Atlanta in March 2015, agent extraordinaire Karen Grencik of Red Fox Literary shared with us 101+ reasons for rejection. She has kindly agreed to be interviewed by MGM. Middle Grade Mafia: You have an extensive database of [...]

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Agent Query: 10 Questions with Susan Hawk of The Bent Agency

I was thrilled when the wonderful literary agent, and all around great person, Susan Hawk, from The Bent Agency agreed to do a MGM interview. I wasn’t surprised, however, because she’s MY agent and I knew already of her generous and awesome nature. Here’s a quick Ten Questions with Susan Hawk. Enjoy! Middle Grade Mafia: The number one questions has to be, “What are you looking for?” I found this on your website: In middle-grade and YA, I’m [...]

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