Review of Fortune Tellers by Lisa Greenwald

Bea, Millie, and Nora had been best friends since kindergarten. One of the favorite things they enjoyed doing together was making paper fortune tellers. After a falling out, their friendship crumbles. Add to the situation the pandemic which causes their school to close and family breakups which take them to different cities, and the whole thing becomes one big mess. They miss each other terribly, but none want to take the initiative to make amends. [...]

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Mo-Reading: Frances and the Monster by Refe Tuma

Frankenstein is re-imagined for middle grade readers in this fast-paced adventure. When an 11-year-old girl unleashes a monster on her town, she must find a way to capture him and put things right before her parents get home. It’s August 1939 and Frances has not stepped foot out of her great-grandfather’s house since her car accident. When her scientist parents go on a trip leaving her with a robot tutor, she explores the house and [...]

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Mo Reading: The Other Side of the River by Alda P. Dobbs

  In 1913, thousands of Mexicans, including 12-year-old Petra Luna, her six-year-old sister, one-year-old brother, and her grandmother cross the Rio Grande into Texas to escape the violent civil war in Mexico. They stay in an overcrowded refugee camp with little food and a smallpox outbreak. When the revolutionists take back the Mexican border town, the refugees are given the option to go back to Mexico or get a job in the United States. Petra [...]

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3 Must-Read Middle Grade Books: July 2022

Join us in welcoming these 3 new exciting middle grade releases that are sure to spark imagination in middle grade readers. Race for the Escape by Christopher Edge (July 5, 2022) What Ami thinks is a game at her Birthday party at The Escape (the ultimate escape room) turns into a race to save the world when she and her friends are sent to an ancient Mayan tomb, a deserted shopping mall stalked by extinct [...]

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Mo Reading: Anybody Here Seen Frenchie? by Leslie Connor

Aurora can be a bit too much; too much talking, too much activity, and too much volume. Frenchie, on the other hand, doesn’t talk at all. Aurora likes that about Frenchie. She doesn’t have to worry about interrupting him, like she tends to do to everyone else. After Frenchie and his mother Gracia move in next door, he and Aurora become best friends. They spend hours hiking through the Maine countryside with Frenchie silently bird [...]

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3 Books to Celebrate World Oceans Day

Let's celebrate World Oceans Day! The United Nations has designated Wednesday June 8th as World Oceans Day to raise awareness of the need to preserve our most valuable natural resource. Join us in celebrating with these 3 amazing non-fiction books that are sure to capture the imagination of young readers.       Out of the Ocean by Debra Frasier- Dive into an amazing adventure that promises that looking for the ocean’s treasures is as important [...]

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Mo-Reading- Celebrate Earth Day 2022 With 3 Great Middle Grade Books

Earth Day is a great time to get kids interested in protecting the planet. Let's celebrate with these new releases with environmental themes.   Where The Sky Lives by Margaret Dilloway (Published March 8, 2022) From the author of Five Things About Ava Andrews comes a stand-alone novel with STEM and activism themes, set against the backdrop of beautiful Zion National Park. Tuesday Beals works to save the preserved property surrounding the Park from development [...]

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MG Book Review: The Aquanaut: A Graphic Novel by Dan Santat

  Take a deep-dive into Caldecott Medalist Dan Santat’s whimsical adventure. What can possibly go wrong when endangered sea creatures learn to pilot an antique diving suit? Sophia has lived quietly at the marine reserve and theme park known as Aqualand since her father was lost at sea. When she bumps into someone wearing an antique diving suit, her life is turned upside down. The “someone” turns out to be four sea creatures: Captain Sodapop, [...]

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MG Book Review: Unseen Magic by Emily Lloyd-Jones

    Perfect for fans of Anna Meriano's Love, Sugar, Magic and Natalie Lloyd's A Snicker of Magic comes an unforgettable story about friendship and the strength that comes in facing your fears. If you could become smarter or braver just by giving up a memory, would you? Fin would. She is a frequent visitor to Talia's mysterious tea shop where the teas can ease her every worry. She doesn’t mind losing a bad memory [...]

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MG Book Review: Kingston and the Echos of Magic

The Kingston duology are two books every elementary and middle school should consider for their classrooms. Ruckers Moses and Theo Gangi created an accessible fantasy that's perfect for grades 4th-6th. The characters are genuine, the pacing is quick and the magic feels like a natural part of the story. Set in Brooklyn, these books are a fun read for all levels of readers. The first book is Kingston and the Magician's Lost and Found - Magic [...]

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