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311, 2020

Mojo Picks: Books that Inspire Gratitude and Kindness

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we decided to feature our favorite middle-grade books that inspire gratitude and kindness. Here's our list:   Hope in the Holler by Lisa Lewis Tyre:  Right before Wavie's mom died, she gave Waivie a list of instructions to help [...]

1510, 2020

Bubba and Squirt’s Mayan Adventure by Sherry Ellis

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In Bubba and Squirt’s Big Dig to China, Bubba and his big sister Squirt, fell through a hole near the old sycamore tree and landed in Xian, China surrounded by Terracotta Warriors. After they come back from China, Bubba has a dream that his Great- [...]

1310, 2020

Happy Book Birthday: Who Gives a Poop? by Heather L. Montgomery

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  Happy Book Birthday to Heather L. Montgomery with her new MG Nonfiction Who Gives a Poop? Surprising Science From One End to the Other. As if her book about roadkill (Something Rotten) wasn’t gross enough, Heather Montgomery brings us a book about poop. And [...]

1310, 2020

Happy Book Birthday to Cinders and Sparrows by Stefan Bachmann

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About the Book: When Zita Bridgeborn, a twelve-year-old orphan, receives a letter from a scarecrow informing her that she is the sole heir to Blackbird Castle, the residence of a prominent family of witches, her world is turned upside down. Little does she know of [...]