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1808, 2020

Midnight at the Barclay Hotel by Fleur Bradley

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For twelve-year-old JJ, an invitation to a free weekend at the famously haunted Barclay Hotel is the best thing that could happen to a ghost hunter, which he is. He pulls the guilt card on his workaholic CEO mom and she agrees to take the [...]

408, 2020

Cattywampus by Ash Van Otterloo

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Congratulations to Ash Van Otterloo on her debut middle grade novel, Cattywampus, the story of two young witches—one grappling with the revelation that she is intersex, the other with her father's abandonment. Together, they accidentally resurrect a graveyard full of feuding ancestors, and must work [...]

308, 2020

Mo Reading: The Secret Notebook by D. A. D’Aurelio

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Middle Grade Mojo is proud to announce the release of the debut novel of Mojo member, Debbie D'Aurelio! We're super proud of her and we love this book! The first place 12-year-old Riley Green goes when she arrives at her school is to the STEM [...]

2107, 2020

Dung for Dinner by Christine Virnig

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Happy Book Birthday to Christine Virnig and her book Dung for Dinner. During World War II, the German soldiers stationed in North Africa were getting deathly sick with dysentery. They noticed that the local Bedouins seemed to get over it quickly. After careful observation, they learned [...]

1607, 2020

An Interview with Author Christine Virnig

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MGM is excited about a new humorous non-fiction book Dung for Dinner that is coming on July 21, 2020. We asked Christine Virnig about her inspiration for this tasteless topic and for her favorite poop jokes. Middle Grade Mojo: You’re a pediatric allergist (physician specializing [...]