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Teacher Guide

Chapter 1 Text: In Chapter 1 you are introduced to Bubba and Squirt. Task: Describe what kind of person Bubba is, using specific details from the text. Discussion question: Why does Bubba want to go to China? ELAGSE4RL3 ELAGSE4RL1

Chapter 2 Text: To give readers a good sense of a scene or character experience, descriptions utilizing the senses are often used. Examples are “damp, musty smell” and “dry, gritty taste.” Task: Write a narrative using sensory details to convey a real or imagined experience. Discussion question: Why does Squirt feel so protective of her brother? ELAGSE4RL3 ELAGSE4RI1

Chapter 3 Text: Bubba and Squirt come out of the hole and realize that they are no longer in Mariemont, Ohio. Task: Compare and contrast Bubba and Squirt’s reactions when they discover they are in the pit of the Terracotta Warriors. ELAGSE4RL9

Chapter 4 Text: When Squirt looks around, she realizes she is in a museum. She reaches this conclusion by observing the surroundings and using information she learned in school. Task: Write a description of a museum or building you have visited, recalling information from your observations there or from what you have learned about it from other sources. ELAGSE4W3

Chapter 5 Text: Bubba and Squirt meet the ghost of the first emperor of China. Discussion question: Do you think Emperor Ch’in was nice? Why or why not? Use specific details from the text to support your answer. Text: The ghost wants Bubba and Squirt to find his missing burial pendant. Task: Explain why the pi is important. ELAGSE4RL3 ELAGSE4RL1

Chapter 6 Text: Squirt freezes up when Bubba falls through the ice and doesn’t think to call 911 or help with the rescue. Task: Recount an experience where you or someone you know was too scared to think clearly and take appropriate action in a situation. Use facts and descriptive details to support your story. ELAGSE4SL4

Chapter 7 Text: Bubba sees Tu Wan give the vendor colorful slips of paper. He correctly assumes it is money. Task: Explain why Bubba reaches this conclusion. Discussion question: Have you ever seen foreign currency? If so, what did it look like? ELAGSE4RL1 ELAGSE4SL4

Chapter 8 Text: Nai Nai is superstitious. She believes the number 8 and the color red are lucky. Task: Conduct a short research project on superstitions in the United States (examples: knocking on wood, black cats crossing your path, walking under ladders). Find out when and why they originated, and what they mean. Discussion question: Do you believe there is any truth to superstitions? Why or why not? ELAGSE4W7 ELAGSE4SL1 (d)

Chapter 9 Text: Bubba and Squirt use similes when describing the countryside and buildings they see: “…terraces looked like ribbons wrapped around the hills,” and “…the top of the pagoda looked like a cowboy hat.” Task: Explain the meaning of simple similes and metaphors like this. Text: The city of Xi’an has a wall around it. Task: Explain why the wall is there and the advantages or disadvantages of having it. ELAGSE4L5 (a) ELAGSE4RL1

Chapter 10 Text: The author describes the museum that Bubba and Squirt visit. Task: What words and phrases did the author use to give a precise description of the museum? Text: Emperor Ch’in unified China through war. Task: Explain how war unified China. ELAGSE4L3 (a) ELAGSE4RL1

Chapter 11 Text: Bubba and Squirt go to the marketplace and the top of the wall and see many interesting things. Task: Create a visual display of the wall, marketplace, or other historic site you have visited. Describe your creation in a presentation to your classmates. Text: Burning incense helped the Chinese people tell time. Task: Explain how you can tell time from burning incense. ELAGSE4SL5 ELAGSE4RL1

Chapter 12 Text: After bargaining with the vendor unsuccessfully, Nai Nai walked away. When the vendor called her back, a smile flickered across her face. Task: Draw an inference of why she smiled, referring to details in the text. ELAGSE4RL1

Chapter 13 Text: Li’Cheng shares his experience of encounters with Emperor Ch’in’s ghost in his dreams. Task: Compare and contrast Bubba and Squirt’s experience meeting the ghost to Li’Cheng’s experience. ELAGSE4RL9

Chapter 14 Text: Squirt is nervous about meeting the museum guard and asking permission to return to the pit. Task: Recount an experience you’ve had where you were nervous or scared to talk to someone, using facts and descriptive details to support your story. Speak clearly at an understandable pace. ELAGSE4SL4

Chapter 16 Text: At the end of the story, Bubba makes a comment about something he learned from the experience. Task: Determine the theme of this story based on details from the text. Task: Write an explanatory essay supporting what you think the theme of the story is, using facts, details, and other information from the book. ELAGSE4RL2 ELAGSE4W2(b)

Chapter 1 Have you ever tried to dig a hole to China? If you did, what happened? If you didn’t, what do you think would happen?

Chapter 2 Squirt describes what it was like to go through the hole. Is that something you would like to do? Why or why not?

Chapter 3 Do you think it was a waste of resources and money to create all those stone warriors for the emperor’s tomb? Why or why not?

Chapter 4 Squirt had a sense that something wasn’t right when they went back down into the hole. Have you ever sensed danger without seeing it? Describe the situation.

Chapter 5 Why was Emperor Ch’in’s spirit haunting the tomb?

Chapter 6 Have your parents ever told you that you shouldn’t touch things in a store, especially fragile things? Why do you think they would tell you that?

Chapter 7 It was nice of Tou Wan to pay for the broken warrior. Have you ever done something nice for someone, or has anyone done something nice for you? How did it make you feel?

Chapter 8 Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not? Do you have a lucky number? If so, why is it special?

Chapter 9 Bubba and Squirt eat jiaozi at a restaurant. Do you like trying unusual food? What was the most unusual thing you have eaten?

Chapter 10 Bubba and Squirt visit a museum. Have you ever visited a museum? What things did/can you learn there?

Chapter 11 The marketplace Bubba and Squirt visit has a lot of interesting things. Describe what’s there. Have you ever been to a marketplace? If so, what did you see, hear, smell, etc.?

Chapter 12 Most of the time when you go to a store, you pay the price that is marked on the item. In many countries, though, tourists can bargain with street vendors and play less than the asking price. Would you like bargaining with a vendor? Why or why not?

Chapter 13 Li’Cheng tells Bubba and Squirt that he was the one who originally found the pi. Were you surprised by his story? Why or why not?

Chapter 14 What do the hairstyles of the Terracotta Warriors represent?

Chapter 15 Emperor Ch’in gave gifts to the guard, Tou Wan, and Nai Nai. Have you ever met someone you thought was mean and then changed your mind because they did something nice, or you got to know them better? Describe the situation.

Chapter 16 Bubba learns that luck, fate, and hard work determine one’s destiny. Do you agree with this? Why or why not?


Itinerary 1: Mariemont, Ohio This is where Bubba and Squirt start their journey. It’s always useful to have a compass when you’re heading out to the great unknown. It just so happens that the Chinese were the first to invent the magnetic compass. Your job at this station is to make your own using this ancient Chinese knowledge.

Itinerary 2: Museum of the Terracotta Warriors When Squirt walks through the pit of the Terracotta Warriors, she realizes she is in a museum. She reaches this conclusion by observing the surroundings and using information she learned in school. Using notebook paper, write a description of a museum or building you have visited, recalling information from your observations there or from what you have learned about it from other sources.

Itinerary 3: Yun Shan Fan Dian Hotel (Computer Station) How would you like to spend the night at a haunted hotel? Using the attached web quest, find out how much it would cost to spend one night at the Yun Shan Fan Dian Hotel. Do more detective work and see if you can answer all of the questions.

Itinerary 4: Shaanxi History Museum When Bubba and Squirt visited the Shaanxi History Museum, they heard a lot of people speaking Chinese. Complete the word search and learn what the words mean.

Itinerary 5: Xi’an Marketplace Lanterns are lit on Chinese New Year to celebrate family members gathering for the lunar festival. It is believed that these lanterns will help guide the way, so travelers won’t get lost in the dark. At this station, you can make your own paper lantern by following the directions on the paper.

How to Make a Chinese Compass Supplies:

• Strong magnet(s) – 1 per person or 1 per table

• Needle(s) – 1 per person or 1 per table, long yarn needle is preferable

• Styrofoam – small blocks through which needle can be inserted

• Bowl(s) filled with water Directions:

• Fill bowl(s) with water and set aside.

• Magnetize the needle by rubbing it against the magnet bottom to point (where the eye is) about 30 times. Do not rub back and forth.

• Stab needle through Styrofoam.

• Place Styrofoam/needle unit in the water.

• Watch as the needle adjusts so that the eye points north. Why it works:

• The magnetized needle aligns itself with the Earth’s magnetic field.

• Since opposites attract, the southern pole of the needle is attracted to the Earth’s magnetic north pole.

• The water provides a frictionless pivot needed for the needle to move.

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