Project Description

1. Have you ever experienced regrets over a decision you made? If you were to go back and redo your choices, what would you change?

2. Who in your life has a major impact on you? Have there been times when you disagreed with their decisions?

3. What are the elements of a fairy tale? Brainstorm with a small group the traits of different fairy tales. Then combine similar traits to develop archetypes of a traditional fairy tale.

4. What is your favorite fairy tale? If you could enter it, what parts would you change? What parts would you most look forward to experiencing?

5. Do you speak another language? If you have, how has that helped you? If you haven’t, how has that hindered you?

1. What point of view is The Princess and the Page told from? Who’s telling the story and how does that impact the story?

2. Why do you think Bella and Keira have become best friends? Compare and contrast the two using a Venn diagram.

3. Create a list of rules that the Harding household has. Next, create a list of rules in your own home. How are these lists similar or different?

4. Why do you think Keira is so against her mom’s rule of only writing non-fiction and how does that affect her choices?

5. What character traits cause Keira to write a story that ended unhappily?

6. Thinking back to the elements of a fairy tale, which ones does Keira use?

7. Make a list of internal and external conflicts that are affecting Keira in this story. Then sort them from greatest to least impact on Keira’s writing.

8. After reading these chapters, what is your prediction for what will happen in the story?

1. On page 45, why is Mrs. Harding, Keira’s mom, so determined to blame the events from the previous night on a storm? Do you think she’s right?

2. What was your first impression of Ms. Teppernat? What words or phrases formed this impression? Did your impressions change as the novel progressed?

3. What about Ms. Teppernat’s schedule causes Keira to worry? Do you think Keira can do what is expected of her?

4. In the schedule Ms. Teppernat hands to Keira, what fairy tales are represented?

5. What do you think the WW symbol represents? Why do you think it shows up in certain places?

6. What are the nicknames that Keira gives to Madame and Ms. Teppernat? Explain how those names symbolize their characters.

7. What task does Ms. Teppernat assign Bella to do? How do you think this will impact Bella’s stay at the castle? Do you think this could create a rift between Keira and herself?

8. In your own words, explain how the fairy tale and real life realms are connected. What is a symbol that could be used to show the two?

9. What is special about Gabrielle? What clues does Keira uncover that make her believe that she’s dreaming of the same character from her fairy tale? 10. If you were with invited to Gabrielle’s party, what questions would you ask her?

1. Setting is a key component to the story. What role does the setting of this chapter have and how is that important? Give specific examples from the text.

2. In the beginning of chapter 11, Keira is determined to talk to Madame. Why?

3. Madame is against the ball on Friday. Why do you think this is so?

4. When cook says: “Dark zings are afoot in Chenonceau”, what do you think cook means by this?

5. When Keira thinks, “There are dark secrets tucked away in the cobwebbed corners of this castle. And I apparently am one of them”, what does she mean by this?

6. Keira is tempted to use her special pen to give her the answers to the mystery at the castle. Why doesn’t she use it? What do you think would happen if she had?

7. Why do you think Cheryl has the girls dress in particular colors and clothes before each of the photo shoots?

8. Why does the cook tell Keira and Chet that they need to leave before le vendredi (Friday)? Do you think the children should take her seriously?

9. Cook opens a secret door and tells Keira and Chet to hide inside it. What would you do in that situation?

10. Bella becomes angry at Keira. What causes this rift between these two best friends?

11. When Chet says, “And we’re having a ball this Friday. La muit de la mort”, what is he trying to tell Keira? Do you think he’s correct?

1. It appears as if Chet is holding a secret of his own. What do you think it could be? How will it affect his decisions throughout the course of the novel?

2. Keira is a brave and determined individual, yet she is extremely scared of riding a horse. Reflect over a time that you had to face one of your fears. Compare and contrast your experience to Keira’s horseback riding experience.

3. Do you agree with this phrase: “Bravery isn’t about not being afraid, it’s about how you face your fears”? Explain.

4. What do the wolves in the fairy tale realm call Keira? What do you think that means?

5. In chapter 20, Keira’s mom explains her reasons she is against Keira’s writing. Do you think this is a valid concern? Why or why not?

6. How has Keira’s relationship with her mom changed by the end of chapter 20?

7. Why does Keira keep hearing the gong from the grandfather clock throughout the story? What do you think the clock symbolizes?

8. What did Keira realize about Pegasus? How does he become an essential clue to Keira solving the mystery?

9. How does Keira enter the Fairy Tale realm? What hinders her?

10. Compare and contrast Keira and her best friend Bella. What strengths does Bella bring to their friendship?

11. Who is Gabrielle d’Estrées and why do you believe she is important to Keira?

12. What elements, characters, or events from traditional fairy tales did you find so far in the book?

1. Would you agree or disagree with Bella that going into a restricted area is a bad idea? Has there been a time that you’ve gone into an area that you weren’t allowed to enter? If so, compare your experience to Keira’s and her friend’s. Share with a friend.

2. Why do you think all of the castle guests’ missing personal items were hidden in the attic of the castle? Who do you think is putting them there?

3. Keira’s mom loves facts. On pg. 142, she gets excited about an alligator fact. Why do you think that makes her feel better?

4. What elements of the castle and its grounds add to the plot of the story?

5. Why does the cook want to quit? Do you think she’s telling the truth? Why or why not?

6. What makes Chet believe that the stolen painting belonged to the Jones’? Why do you think no one alerts the police about the ballroom being vandalized?

7. On pg. 153, Princess Gabrielle’s flower petals fall to the ground as she walks. What you think the petals symbolize? What fairy tale does this scene remind you of?

8. Read through Keira’s journal on pg. 156. List two more observations that you think she should add to her list. Next add in two more suspects to those who may have vandalized the ballroom.

9. Based on the dialogue in chapter 26, what do you think the Creepy Man’s proposition will be?