Mo-tivational Monday: Keep Moving Forward

There are times when we write that words flow through us like a river of creativity. There are other times where the words are the last bit of ketchup at the bottom of the bottle. You need to remember that, with enough patience, the ketchup will come out. So, if today is a day where you write a thousand words, or two, forward is forward!

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Mo Writing – How I Got My Agent

I’ll never forget my first rejection. I submitted twelve queries to prospective agents for a middle-grade novel that I was convinced would amaze the entire children’s publishing industry. After all, I'd spent two years doing my homework, attending conferences, meeting with a critique group, and I was ready to start a career as an author. My first mistake was sending out queries just before going on vacation. My second mistake was looking at my phone [...]

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Ten Tips to Become a Better Writer

Most authors do not begin as excellent writers. It's a life-long process. Here are some tips to help you improve: Writing takes practice. To get in the habit of doing it, follow tips one and two: Find your writing space. Have a comfortable space without distractions that’s conducive to writing. Create a writing ritual. Set aside a specific time each day or week that is used only for writing.  Learn from others. Tips 3 through [...]

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Mo-Tivational Monday

It sounds so simple, but writers know how difficult it is to describe new settings and characters in a way that readers feel instantly comfortable with them. And finding new perspectives to familiar scenes and people so that it's fresh and exciting  is hard too. There's a reason Samuel Johnson uses the word "powers". Good luck exercising your author super powers this week.    

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