Erin Entrada Kelly

Author Interview with Erin Entrada Kelly

As part of her launch of WE DREAM OF SPACE, the Mojo have been featuring Erin Entrada Kelly with her The Mojo Minute and now we are lucky to have her "sit" down with us and answer a few questions. Middle Grade Mojo: We all have different paths to publishing. For me, I didn't know I wanted to write books until I was downsized about a decade ago. When did discover that you wanted to [...]

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We Dream of Space by Erin Entrada Kelly

Happy book birthday to Newbery Medal-winning author, Erin Entrada Kelly, on her new novel, We Dream of Space, a heartwarming story about three siblings who are struggling with a tumultuous home life and school anxieties. As adults, we remember where we were when the space shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after take-off. Although we know the spoiler at the end of the space journey, that's only a small part of the story for these three siblings. [...]

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The Mojo Minute with Erin Entrada Kelly

Buy Now As the nation anxiously awaits the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger, the Thomas siblings explore complicated galaxies of their own: life in a tense and crowded house in Park, Delaware; unrequited first crushes; and the pressures of fitting in and finding their place in the world. Smart and responsible Bernadette, known as "Bird," aspires to be the first female space shuttle commander for NASA. [...]

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