Writing Historical Fiction for Young Readers

Writing historical fiction can be both rewarding and challenging at the same time. How do you write a story that captivates kids and teaches them a subject most have no interest in? The trick is to make the history lesson so subtle that readers are basically learning by osmosis. When I choose a setting or time period, I consider two things: What kids will be learning in school and what would work well for drama [...]

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MG Book Review: Revolution by Deborah Wiles

Greenwood, Mississippi was invaded in the summer of 1964. The invaders were called agitators by the locals. They called themselves “Freedom Fighters.” White college students from around the country joined forces with African-American civil rights leaders to register voters. In the midst of the racial tension is 12-year-old Sunny who is experiencing tension at home as well. Her father has remarried. She’s not happy about sharing her home with a new step-family. Racist hatred reaches a boiling point and Sunny [...]

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The Writer’s Block – An Interview with Caroline Starr Rose

May B., the first novel by Caroline Starr Rose, garnered wonderful reviews and numerous awards. Her second novel, BLUE BIRDS, releases tomorrow and has already received great praise. “Composed in varying formats, the descriptive and finely crafted poems reveal the similarities the two girls share, from loved ones lost to hatred between the English and the Roanoke to a desire for peace… Fans of Karen Hesse and the author’s May B. (2012) will delight in this [...]

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