The Mojo Minute with Jennifer Li Shotz

From the #1 New York Times best-selling author of Max comes a heartwarming, two middle grade stories about rescue dogs, Poppy and Brave. Poppy is a dog with a problem. She has too much energy, and her elderly owner can keep her only if she can be trained. When twelve-year-old Hannah moves to the coast of Northern California, she thinks she can help turn this rambunctious puppy into the good dog she knows Poppy [...]

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American Dog Series by Jennifer Li Shotz

There are two types of kids, ones who have a dog and ones who ask for a dog sometime in their life. This is the reason dog books are a popular category in children's literature. What makes books stand out from the rest in this category is the author's ability to tell a story that connects with the reader on a truly emotional level. Jennifer Li Shotz, author of Max and Scout, delivers once again in her [...]

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