Mojo Picks: Books that Celebrate Hispanic Heritage

September is Hispanic Heritage Month. Our picks this month celebrate this rich culture. Enjoy!   Merci Suarez Changes Gears by Meg Medina: A sometimes heartbreaking, but mostly heart-warming story about Merci as she weaves in and out of her school life and her home life, facing difficulties in both. It’s especially challenging for her to understand and accept the mental decline of her beloved grandfather, Lolo, due to Alzheimers. It [...]

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Mojo Picks: Prize Winners

This month's Mojo picks feature middle-grade prize-winning books. Enjoy! New Kid by Jerry Craft, was the winner of the 2020 Newberry Medal, which was the first time a graphic novel won. Jerry’s story is about Jordan Banks, an artsy middle grader who wanted to go to an art school. Instead, his parents enroll him in an expensive private school because he has been given a scholarship. Not only is he one of the “scholarship kids," but [...]

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MG Book Review: Game of Stars by Sayantani Dasgupta

This is the second story in the Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond series. Kiran seems like a normal middle school kid living in New Jersey, but she’s actually Princess Kiranmala, the daughter of the evil Serpent King in the Kingdom Beyond. Her adoptive parents have raised her in New Jersey to keep her safe from her evil father. A message comes through the interdimensional television asking Kiran to come back to the Kingdom Beyond to [...]

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4-1-1 with Natalie Rompella

Author Natalie Rompella has a new middle-grade novel, COOKIE CUTTERS & SLED DOGS, we got the 4-1-1. (Four questions we ask every author, one Mafia's choice, and one photo.) FOUR What was the inspiration for this book? My love of sled dog racing. And baking. What is your writing process? (Do you write every day? A certain number of pages? etc…) I write almost 365 a year. It is rare I don’t write anything. For freelance [...]

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The Writer’s Block: An Interview with Erin Petti

Recently, we had the opportunity to review Erin Petti’s amazing middle-grade novel The Peculiar Haunting of Thelma Bee (September 2016, Mighty Media Press). Today, we are honored to have her joining us on The Writer’s Block. Middle Grade Mafia: Can you tell us how you decided to become a writer and what your path to published author was like? Erin Petti: Thank you so much for having me on the blog! I’ve loved to write since I [...]

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The Writer’s Block: An Interview with Susan L. Meyer

Today’s interview with author Susan L. Meyer who’s second middle grade book this week! Skating With the Statue of Liberty is a companion book to her first historical fiction novel, Black Radishes. Take it away Susan. Middle Grade Mafia: Your first MG novel, Black Radishes, was inspired by your father’s struggles and journey out of Nazi occupied France. My father was a boy in Luxembourg during WWII and experience many hardships, but he was very reluctant [...]

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The Writer’s Block: An Interview with Jessica Lawson

We recently reviewed the wonderfully quirky mystery Nooks and Crannies and are excited to have the author with us today. Please welcome Jessica Lawson. Middle Grade Mafia: Can you tell us how you decided to become a writer and what your path to published author was like? Jessica Lawson: Back in 2009, I’d just had my first child and since she was a great sleeper and I had stopped working to be a stay-at-home-mom, I [...]

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The Writer’s Block: An Interview with Laurel Gale

On a recent trip through Barnes & Noble, I came across a book with a sad looking boy on the cover. When I saw the title was DEAD BOY  I had to pick it up. The bottom over the front cover nailed it for me: “He’s dead. He stinks. All he wants is a friend.” The author of this quirky, beautiful, adventurous story is Laurel Gale. Luckily for us, she agreed to be a part [...]

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The Writer’s Toolkit: Common Sense Editing

Congratulations you’ve written a book! You are ready to dip your toe into the ocean called submission. STOP. Whether you’ve made one or hundreds of revisions to your query letter or manuscript, take a moment and read this book. I love the way Carolyn Howard-Johnson describes one of the biggest obstacles writers face: GREMLINS. We all know what she is talking about. She’s talking about the inevitable: what can go wrong will go wrong.  There [...]

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