Thanks, Twitter! These Agents are Looking for MG in 2022!

Twitter has a large writing community, but A). Not every author is on the platform, and B.) Those of us who are are, are busy trying to write! If one of those two describes you, it stands to reason that you might have missed these tweets from agents looking specifically for middle-grade books. Never fear, the MOJO crew is here to help! Masha Gunic @masha_gunic Twitter bio: Associate Agent at the Azantian Literary Agency / [...]

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Happy Book Birthday! BUBBA AND SQUIRT’S BIG DIG TO CHINA by Sherry Ellis

It's here, it's here, it's finally here! Happy Book Birthday to BUBBA AND SQUIRT'S BIG DIG TO CHINA by Sherry Ellis. We're super excited about this book release because Sherry is in our critique group and we've seen first hand how talented she is! The Blurb:  You can't dig a hole to China! Squirt doesn't believe Bubba can dig a hole to China. But when the hole swallows them, the kids find themselves in Xi'an, China, [...]

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MG Book Review: The Kinfolk by G.A. Morgan

The Kinfolk (Book 3: Five Stones Trilogy) is the conclusion of a great fantasy series about three siblings who transported to an mysterious and dangerous island. The story shares some similarities to other tales where children are thrust into the middle of a world at war, but this series is distinct enough that it stands on its own. Morgan has immerses the reader in a rich and vibrant world filled with harrowing battles and fast-paced adventure. Her dynamic [...]

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MG Book Review: Demon Dentist by David Walliams

Children won’t ever think of the tooth fairy the same way again! David Walliams has created a creature so vile, so horrible, it will send children to their beds to shiver and LAUGH hysterically. Yes, that’s right. Demon Dentist is a perfect blend of horror and humor that runs circles around that other children’s book that blended theses genres so well: The Witches. It’s no surprise Walliams has been hailed by British critics as the [...]

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Agency News – Seeking #MG

Hot off the presses! The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency has a new agent and she is looking for middle grade fiction! Meet Alexandra Weiss - Alexandra Weiss is a Books Writer for, the PR Manager for a local Chicago circus, and an all-around literary bookworm.  She graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BFA in Creative Writing and Publishing in 2015.  Previously she's worked as an Acquisitions Editor for the award-winning anthology Hair [...]

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Agency News: Ink & Hen is Accepting Submissions for MG this FRIDAY!

Hen and Ink Literary Studio announces: "Open Coop First Fridays" Hen and Ink Literary Studios is usually closed for submissions, but this Friday, February 5, 2016, they will be open to a specific type unsolicited submission. This event will only be open from NOON UNTIL MIDNIGHT, Pacific Standard Time (PST) What are they looking for? Contemporary Commercial-Literary Middle-Grade Fiction If you're interested, click HERE to see their wish list! Good Luck!!

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