The Mojo Minute with Laurel Gale

Girls are forbidden to practice story magic. Only bad things happen when they do. Everyone knows this, but that doesn't stop 12-year-old Kaya from learning the basics from her older brother Hob. The trick is to sense a listener, one of the magical beings that inhabit the world, and tell it a story. If the listener is pleased and likes the story, they will allow the storyteller to work magic. [...]

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MG Book Review: Dead Boy by Laurel Gale

There are many MG adventure book on the market, mine included, but I have never come across a book like Dead Boy by Laurel Gale. The main character, Crow Darlingson, is undead (or is it unalive?) and has been forbidden to leave the house by his over protective mother. The only time of year he can venture out is on Halloween, but that’s lost its allure now that he can’t eat the candy. What Crow wants most [...]

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The Writer’s Block: An Interview with Laurel Gale

On a recent trip through Barnes & Noble, I came across a book with a sad looking boy on the cover. When I saw the title was DEAD BOY  I had to pick it up. The bottom over the front cover nailed it for me: “He’s dead. He stinks. All he wants is a friend.” The author of this quirky, beautiful, adventurous story is Laurel Gale. Luckily for us, she agreed to be a part [...]

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