The Benefits of a Critique Group and How to Find One

Writing is a solitary occupation. Many hours are spent listening to characters speak in your mind, choosing the right words, and analyzing everything that goes down on paper or a Word document. A critique group is a group of writers who can make the job a little less lonely and help you polish your manuscript. Being part of one provides a network of people who understand the world of a writer. Their experiences, knowledge, and [...]

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The Writer’s Block: An Interview with Kami Kinard

Kami Kinard’s The Boy Project: Notes and Observations of Kara McAllister was re-released in paperback in July 2016. Middle Grade Mafia is excited to talk to Kami about her publishing experience and learn more about Kara McAllister’s quest for a boyfriend.  Kami is graciously offering to give away a free copy of The Boy Project. Stay tuned to Middle Grade Mafia for contest details. Middle Grade Mafia: It’s been four years since we first saw The Boy Project. [...]

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The Writer’s Toolkit: SCBWI Contests

We, in the Middle Grade Mafia, are proud members of Southern Breeze, the regional chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). We have the best SCBWI chapter in the world. (Hey, you want to brag about your chapter, write your own blog.) One reason Southern Breeze is so great is that it sponsors an annual contest for writers and illustrators with the winners being announced at the fall conference. Our awesome contest [...]

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SCBWI Conference Highlight: Mining Your Past

Guest Post by Lynn Coulter The regional SCBWI conferences are known for providing attendees with an opportunity to meet and learn from other amazing authors, agents, and editors. This year’s Southern Breeze SpringMingle lived up to the reputation. The writer’s intensive was led by the talented Meg Medina. Her session focused on how authors can tap into their own past to create strong characters and rich stories. The exercises were aimed at having each person dig [...]

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SCBWI Conference Recap – Rocky Mountain Region

Contributor: Shari Schwarz After arriving in beautiful Golden, Colorado for the Rocky Mountain SCBWI Letters and Lines Conference, I first attended The Changing Landscape of Illustrations presented by the warm and inspiring Roberta Collier-Morales. She shared how illustrations create vision for the future and sow seeds of hope. We are in a meaningful industry we are in! Newberry Award winner, Avi, delivered the opening keynote address and left me in awe of his humble, witty [...]

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