Mojo Picks: Middle-Grade Holiday Stories

With the holidays quickly approaching, we decided to share our favorite middle-grade books that celebrate this festive season.  Greenglass House by Kate Milford: It's Christmas at Greenglass House, and the hilltop hotel is snowbound. In spite of the snow, some very strange guests arrive. Each has a secret connected to the house and is very dangerous. Full of mystery, it is a magical Christmas story. -SE Buy         Winterfrost by Michelle Houts: [...]

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MG Book Review: Winterfrost by Michelle Houts

It’s not an ordinary Christmas on the Larson farm in Denmark. Bettina’s parents are called away to care for other relatives, so twelve-year-old Bettina is given the responsibility of taking care of the farm and her baby sister Pia for a few days. Bettina feels she's up for the task and proud to help her family. There's just one tradition the family forgot in the chaos---putting out a bowl of rice pudding for their barn nisse (gnome-like person). [...]

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