Bea, Millie, and Nora had been best friends since kindergarten. One of the favorite things they enjoyed doing together was making paper fortune tellers. After a falling out, their friendship crumbles. Add to the situation the pandemic which causes their school to close and family breakups which take them to different cities, and the whole thing becomes one big mess. They miss each other terribly, but none want to take the initiative to make amends.

Enter the mysterious appearance of fortune tellers. The fortunes the girls find in these are much wiser than any 3rd grader would write. Where did they come from? Hadn’t the girls thrown away every last one of them after their fight? And why are the girls seeing the same fortunes? (Readers will be left using their imagination to understand the magic of the whole thing.)

It’s an interesting journey as the fortune tellers bring the friends back together.

Middle-school girls will enjoy this tale of friendship. They’ll be able to relate to the drama experienced when friendships are tested. They may also enjoy the budding romance of first-boyfriends as the girls experience this milestone. Ultimately, it’s a story of friendship lost and found and teamwork to make something special happen. Fortune Tellers is a fun read for 4th and 5th-grade girls.

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