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2307, 2020

Incorporating Research into Writing Juvenile Fiction

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Our job as writers is to create believable and entertaining stories for our readers. This is true whether you’re writing for children or adults. Details about the setting — location, time period, and everything that goes with it — are what make the story realistic. [...]

2603, 2020

How to Get Middle-Grade Students Excited about Reading

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When kids are young, they are excited about books. Many even want to be authors when they grow up. I always chuckle during school visits when I ask the question, “Who wants to be an author when you grow up?” Inevitably, every hand goes up [...]

2102, 2020

Nerdy or Not, Check out

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Whether you’re nerdy or not, this fabulous free Nonfiction writing crash course organized by NF Chicks is worth your time. Every day in February, there’s a blog posted by an experienced nonfiction children’s writer. You might be thinking, “but I don’t write nonfiction,” and I [...]

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