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The Mojo Minute with Erin Entrada Kelly

Buy Now As the nation anxiously awaits the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger, the Thomas siblings explore complicated galaxies of their own: life in a tense and crowded house in Park, Delaware; unrequited first crushes; and the pressures of fitting in and finding their place in the world. Smart and responsible Bernadette, known as "Bird," aspires to be the first female space shuttle commander for NASA. [...]

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Cover Reveal – The Secret Notebook by D.A. D’Aurelio

Attention Middle-Grade Readers! I am so happy to present to you the cover of THE SECRET NOTEBOOK, by D.A. D’Aurelio! How beautiful is this?? Illustrated by Teresa Martinez, the colors are gorgeous.  I especially love the diagrams in the dark blue. Those are actual drawings from Nikola Tesla, the famous inventor Why Tesla? […]

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Mo-tivational Monday – Stay Courageous

These are strange times we're living through, but we writers have a choice. We can use the time at home to scour the internet for the latest news, check twitter obsessively, or drown our worries and sorrows in the loud noise of entertainment/social media offerings, or we can write. We can shake this world off, leave it and the sorrows behind as we enter the world of our imagination, and write. When this is over, [...]

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Winners of The Bertie!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner! Okay, we have several winners! Before I get to those who won, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who entered. It’s a privilege to read your stories. If you don’t see your name below, take heart! Every writer you love has lost contests, received rejection letters, or gotten a bad review. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you created a story [...]

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Mo-tivational Monday: It’s A New Day!

It's Monday! Sure, it's not everyone's favorite day of the week, but I love them. Why? Because they signify a brand new start, an opportunity to get things done and make a great week. Truth is, every single day that we wake up and draw breath gives us an opportunity to keep going. Keep writing, keep believing, keep doing the thing that makes our hearts sing. So don't let a Monday bring you down. Get [...]

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Motivational Monday

Stop beating yourself up, reading and deleting all of those sentences that sounded so good when you wrote them, but now? Ugh. Now, you want to throw your computer in the trash. It's a lie. All of it. You can do this. Just keep writing. That's what this process is about. You write, you revise, you polish, you discard and you keep. But it all begins with writing. Keep going, You've got this.

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Mo-tivational Monday

If you're like me, you're looking back at a lot of wasted days in 2019 when you should have been writing. We've all been there. You have the best of intentions but life has a way of interfering. You're handed a big project, the flu makes its way through your house one family member at a time, the constant barrage of cable news! But guess what? Today is a new day. Find a minute to [...]

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Happy New Name, New Site, New Year!

Happy New Year! As you can see, we're celebrating in style with a new name and a new look. Why the change? Although we had a lot of fun with the Mafia theme over the past few years - it does have a certain "negative" connotation. Since we're all about encouragement here at MGM, we thought it was time for a glam-up. Who is ready for a fresh shot of Middle-Grade Mojo?? We're excited to [...]

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The Bertie Winners!

Congratulations to everyone who entered The Bertie! All of the entries were great and we had such a HARD time choosing the winners. If your name is listed - congratulations! Lisa Lewis Tyre will be getting in touch with you soon to mail your check. If your name is not listed - don't worry. Every member of the Mafia has had stories that didn't win. It's part of being a writer. But the awesome thing [...]

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Cover Reveal – RISE OF THE DRAGON MOON by Gabrielle K. Bryne

  We are so honored to bring you the first look at the cover of RISE OF THE DRAGON MOON, by Gabrielle K. Bryne! Is it not absolutely beautiful???  I want to know this girl; I want to BE this girl.  A good cover is so important to a book and this one is breathtaking. I mean, look at the wrap! If this book had come out when I was twelve, I would have stuck this beauty [...]

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