Nooks and Crannies by Jessica Lawson

Three cheers for Nooks & Crannies, a book that elevates misdirection to an art form. When you think you’ve settled into familiar plot lines, think again. What fun!

In the beginning, the story has a very Roald Dahl Charlie and the Chocolate Factory feel to it. It’s 1907 and six children have gotten invitations from an eccentric British Countess to spend a weekend at her estate, Hollingsworth Hall. They are led to believe that one of them is her long lost grandchild and will inherit a fortune. But Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this story is not.

Cinderella makes her presence as well. Tabitha Crum, our heroine has some things in common with her. She’s a mistreated orphan, forced to live in an attic, hungry wearing old clothes while her parents live it up. Her only friend in the world is an orphaned mouse. But Cinderella she is not. She doesn’t want to go to the Ball. She wants to become an Inspector at Scotland Yard!


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