Did you know that Mojo Member, Lisa Lewis Tyre, holds a writing contest for middle-school students? It’s true! And the best part, besides the encouraging young people to write and the prize money, is that the Middle-Grade Mojo gets to judge!

Here’s the 411 –


A Short Story Contest for students ages 10 – 13*

(*The contest will be split into two categories based on age – 10/11 and 12/13!)

Entries accepted January 21, 2020 – February 21, 2020

The lovely folks at FatReels will be creating a form where you can upload your story. The link goes live on Tuesday, January 21st! You’ll find it here>https://fatreels.com/the-bertie/

Did you catch that I mentioned prizes? Lisa has a sponsor, Winnwood Retirement, and they’re providing $600.00 dollars in prize money. How awesome is that?!?

General Guidelines

The submission window is between January 21 and February 21, 2020.

Writers may submit only one story per contest year.

Stories must be written by only one writer.

Writers must be ages 10, 11, 12, or 13 years old.

Previously submitted or published stories will not be accepted.

Story must be no longer than 1500 words in total.

Story MUST contain a senior citizen (65 or older) as a character, no matter how minor.


PLEASE REMEMBER – You will upload your story at Fat Reels.  The form will be live on January 21st.

Subscribe or check back for more info, tips, judges’ advice, etc.!

We’ll announce the lucky winners right here on this website on March 30th. Happy Writing!