Another wonderful book from acclaimed author, Avi, launches today titled, The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts. Avi’s new series is set in 1724 England and introduces readers to a time in history where a child could find themselves among a world of cruel adults, corrupt judges, and petty thieves. The language is somewhat formal and reminiscent of the 1700s, but still accessible to the middle grade reader. The consistent action makes this story a page-turner and an adventure well worth taking.

Riveting . . . This first in a new series will capture the hearts and minds of readers and history buffs aside . . . Avi’s examination of the plight of the desperately poor is worthy of Dickens. Impossible to put down.” – Kirkus Reviews, starred review.

“Every cliffhanger-ending chapter will leave readers on the edge of their seats, wondering how Oliver will manage to survive his latest dilemma. Brimming with fast-paced action, evocative settings and villains, this book reveals yet another side of Avi’s talent.” – Publishers Weekly, starred review.



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