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Monsterstreet #4: Camp of No Return by J.H. Reynolds

Monsterstreet #4: Camp of No Return by J.H. Reynolds Welcome to the fourth installment of the series R.L. Stine calls “Fast, Funny and Frightening.” It’s the week after the Fourth of July but it feels more like Halloween. Harper is thrilled to be going to the prestigious Camp Moon Lake where she can leave her parents’ looming divorce behind. With its outdoor movie theater, water park and chocolate buffet [...]

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The Stitchers (Fright Watch #1) by Lorien Lawrence

The Stitchers (Fright Watch #1)  by Lorien Lawrence Congratulations to Lorien Lawrence on her debut middle grade novel, The Stitchers (Fright Watch #1)  (August 18, 2020 from Abrams Kids/Amulet Books.) Puts the thrill back into chill. Why don’t Quinn and Mike’s neighbors ever age? Have they discovered a fountain of youth or is there something much more sinister going on? Creepy neighbors, funeral homes and a dangerous secret spell [...]

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Wrong Way Summer by Heidi Lang

As part of her launch of WRONG WAY SUMMER, Middle Grade Mojo is pleased to have had the opportunity to interview Heidi Lang. Middle Grade Mojo: Where did you get the inspiration for this story? Heidi Lang: A lot of different threads came together to inspire this story. First, I’ve been interested in van living for years. In 2017, my husband and I sold our dog walking business and converted the dog mobile into a [...]

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Far Away by Lisa Graff

National Book Award nominee Lisa Graff presents a book about family secrets that is full of heart. BUY HERE CJ tours the country with her Aunt Nic who can speak to the dead. She looks forward to the times when her Aunt lets her speak to her mother who died in childbirth. When her Aunt announces she won’t be able to do this anymore because CJ’s mother [...]

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The Wonder of Wildflowers by Anna Staniszewski

We’re excited to feature Anna Staniszewski and her latest novel, The Wonder of Wildflowers in today’s Mo-books!   Middle Grade Mojo: Where did you get the inspiration for this story?The Wonder of Wildflowers is by far the most personal project I’ve worked on. It’s about a young girl who is an immigrant in a country that’s closed itself off from the rest of the world in order to protect its most valuable resource, a magical liquid called Amber. [...]

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Otherwood By Pete Hautman

   Close A completely original page-turner that will have you wishing for more. When Grandpa Zach dies, Stuey feels like he has lost his best-friend until he meets Elly, a girl who shares his birthday, his love for the woods and a secret. Decades earlier Stuey’s and Elly’s great-grandfathers mysteriously disappeared. Grandpa Zach claimed he saw their ghosts. When Elly disappears into thin air right before Stuey’s eyes, he must solve the mystery of what [...]

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